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Welcome earthisde!

The birth of Teo - I did it!

Welcome to the world little Téo Marcel Batterham !

Born at 39+4 on the 21/02/21 at 7.33am at home

He is 4.2kg of love for 55cm and HC of 34cm !

My birth story

I have always said ( and hoped ) from the day I knew my due date that

this baby was going to be born on the 21/02/21, multiple reasons for

that, the main one is that he is our little ivf miracle and was a frozen

embryo which worked out to be transferred on the 8th of June 2020,

sad date of my beloved grandmother death anniversary.. but I also

knew her birthday was the 21st of February so when I worked out that

my due date was the 24th it was evident to me that he had to be born

on her birthday ( even if we all know that baby usually never do like you planned )

Well I have to say that with this little fella absolutely EVERYTHING that

I imagined for went exactly like i pictured it in my head, from the date

he was born, to the way he was born, even to the music I imagined

birthing on that incredibly came on while I was pushing him out ...

I went to bed quiet late at 12.30am and woke up at around 2.30am

with some little surge but nothing I didn’t have for the last couple of

weeks which in my eyes where Braxton hicks . I was trying to go back to sleep but at around 3am I heard like a little pop in my tummy which was quiet surprising to me as nothing came out after the pop, I decided to go to the toilets to do a wee because I thought I just imagined it, once on the toilets I kept having a gush of what I thought was still wee at the time but that I couldn’t control.. that’s when I started to think it might have been my water that broke, I stand up and keep trickling so I put a pad on and it was filled within 5 min.. I messaged my photographer and midwives to let them know that I think my water just broke but at this stage even if I could feel the contractions they were manageable and I was going to try to go back to sleep and call when things ramped up.. well that didn’t take long and I decided to make the phone call litterally 30min or so after my initial text as everything ramped up pretty quickly..

I called my best friend that lives in France and while on the phone with her I had 4 contractions in the short space of 10min .. that’s when I decided to wake my husband up to get our birth space ready with the pool etc, it was about 4am by then.. I helped him setting things up in between my contractions that were becoming stronger and were about 3-4min apart by then my photographer Kate Kennedy and my 2 amazing midwives Tracy Pyle and Heidi Williams arrived around 4.45-5am, in the meantime I also had to call my 2.5 years old baby sitter that lives accross the road as he had woken up and needed to be looked after while my husband was helping me..

My sister in law arrived around 6am and by then my contractions were way more intense and I was moaning through them. Max’s nanny took him for a drive as I could see he was starting to be really tired and was just getting too much around for me, contractions kept getting closer and stronger and by 7.15am I was transitioning, at 7.25am I screamed that I could feel him coming and he was out in my husband’s arm that just jumped in the pool with me at 7.33am .

It was the most incredible, empowering, emotional experience ever, my first was born in hospital and even if everything went quiet ok it is definitely not comparable to a home birth ..

Our beautiful little man was born with the longest cord I have ever seen ( I am also a placenta encapsulator so I saw a LOT of cords ) and had 2 knots in it !!! My first had one aswell but 2 is mind blowing !

Téo was born perfectly healthy and I had a minor 1st degree tear that did not even required stitches !

I cannot stop staring at him and how perfect he looks ..

He is so different of how his big brother was !

I am so happy to now have our little boy earthside so we can start our lives as a new family of 4

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