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Central Coast Homebirth - Meet your Midwives

Professional and Experienced Care

Heidi Williams

Central Coast Homebirth was born from my passion for women having the right to choose where they birth. I grew up in Avoca Beach and care about providing dedicated, at home care for pregnant women on the Central Coast. I feel it is important to experience antenatal and postnatal appointments in the comfort of your own home and give birth where you choose, just as I did when I birthed my daughter at home. I have always wanted to provide this important service to families in my local area.


I have worked in public and private hospitals since graduating in 2013 and have completed postgraduate (Master of midwifery) research studies on acupuncture during pregnancy and the perinatal period.  This has advanced into working with hospitals across Australia to one day develop guidelines and policies for midwives.  

In the meantime, I run the 'Acuneedling for midwives' course with Dr Kate Levett and continue my study as a PhD student researching malposition (particularly posterior position) during labour and birth.

Tracy Pyle


Practicing midwifery since 2010, I had 7 amazing years offering continuity of care and home birth in the UK as an Independent midwife. I moved to Australia and have worked as a midwife in both the private and public sectors and now I’m back doing what I love, homebirth! 


I have seen the benefits of homebirth firsthand and understand the importance of having a known midwife during labour and birth, and just how powerful it can be. I believe in the natural journey of birth and  understanding that when you respect women's choices and support them to birth their baby how and where they want to, you experience undisturbed and empowering birth.               


I firmly believe that this start can set the woman and her family up beautifully for an easier transition physically and emotionally into motherhood and that is invaluable. I experienced homebirth having both my children at home with the care and support of midwifery colleagues, which was the most incredible experience

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