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The Seed Collective - Jenna

Doula and Placenta Services


I’m Jenna and I have been working with Mummas on the Central Coast offering a full selection of services including birth/postpartum doula support, placenta services (please reach out to see if this is right for you, always happy to chat) and providing free postpartum planning information evenings.  I had my own homebirth 2 years ago and know how incredible it is to have women holding space so you can achieve the birth you desire & deserve. Go to to learn more about my services. You can contact me directly on 0415 635 857.

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Birthability - Gemma



Birthability offers doula support (birth and postpartum), birth planning session’s and Lamaze childbirth education on the Central Coast. Gemma is a DONA Certified doula and a certified childbirth educator with Lamaze International. Supporting women and families with holistic, evidence based education. Gemma offers expert guidance, support and compassionate care.


“I believe deeply that birth is a process you can trust, just as millions of women before you have. I am passionate about helping mothers regain their connection to their innate ability to give birth for a supported, empowering and positive birth experience.”

0416 481 833

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Central Coast Doula - Julia

Birth coach, doula


Julia MacLeod is a certified Birth & Postnatal Doula and has been supporting families through pregnancy, birth and beyond since 2013. She is passionate about creating positive birth experiences through the emotional, physical and educational dimensions of birth preparation and unparalleled care for the birthing woman.

Her passion for birth lies in the never ending learning and the deeply transformational power it can hold for women as they become mothers.

To nurture women in their postpartum experience and support their fourth trimester through loving care, reassurance, and wholesome nutrition is an equal passion.


For further information on packages and care options please visit or give Julia a call!

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Better Birth Doula - Laura

Birth and postpartum doula

Birth Photographer


Laura LaGinestra is a certified Birth and Postpartum doula, passionate about supporting Central Coast families with holistic, empathetic, and nurturing care. A Uni graduate in Communications, Laura strongly believes in open listening, evidence-based information, and self-advocacy. With a professional history as a wholefoods chef and reflexologist, she will nurture you with wholesome, delicious healing foods and gentle hands-on comfort measures. Laura is a full-spectrum doula, supporting the journey from preconception through to postpartum. “My motto is ‘Nurture. Nourish. Educate. Empower.’ I will encourage, reassure, and believe in you. I will fortify your strength, in body and mind. I will inform and guide you while paying attention to your intuition. I will support you as you harness your power.” 0466 716 870 @better_birth_doula /

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